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Multi-Layer, High-Barrier, Pesticide-Free, Organic Food Storage Solutions

Protect your harvest from insects and posts and reduce your post-harvest loss.

Proharvest Product Range

Proharvest provides packaging that is a perfect-fit for your products and is continously innovating the product range to suit varied requirements of food storage.

Storage Bags

Packing Bags


About Us

Why Proharvest?

A multi-layer ultra high barrier packaging that creates anaerobic environment for produce

Preserves taste, aroma, color and freshness

High Gas and Moisture barrier

Impervious to bacteria, fungus, mould and external atmospheric contamination

Safe from infestation: storing organically without the use of any toxic fumigants

Food Storage Practices

Proharvest Technology

Pro-harvest incorporates EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) as a barrier material with a 7 or 9-layer structure for superior barrier against gases and moisture and offer outstanding mechanical properties

“The single most important advantage of the Proharvest Technology is that no chemicals are needed to prepare the products for packaging.”

Proharvest Benefits

Better Quality Produce

Retains the original freshness and nutritional value of the produce by creating a barriet against external atmosphere.

Increased Income

Reduce produce wastage and extend storage life of produce to get better market returns.

Safe from Hazardous Chemicals

Eliminate the use of chemicals, fumigants, preservatives for long-term storage of produce.

Reduced Cost

Eliminate the cost of insecticides and preservatives for storage of food produce.

Proharvest Usage

Pro Harvest packaging products are most suitable for applications involving contact with produce and food.

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